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June 4th, 2019 by

Gregg Young Chevy Norwalk Offers A Comfortable and Spacious Edge With the Redesigned 2019 Traverse


A 2019 change is on way for drivers who fancy SUVs; the updated Chevy Traverse has spacious seating and a luxurious cut, as this prime-time vehicle offers more than meets the eye. This mid-size automobile will allow drivers and passengers space to rejuvenate while getting from one location to the next.


Whether you are headed out and about or you need to trek your work gear on-site, there is ample cargo room, which offers a place for everything you own. Chevy has been able to transform effective comfortability into an SUV that is best in class in the year 2019.


Not only is room never an issue in the Chevy Traverse, but the engineers made sure to design hidden storage for those items that need extra security. With a chosen pin, driver’s will be able to access another compartment from within, while keeping items out of sight and out of mind, ensuring that your belongings are protected from possible theft.

The Chevy Traverse at Gregg Young Chevy Norwalk also holds advanced capabilities that enable smart IOT technology for drivers and professionals on-the-go.

Enjoy the following features, plus more:


  • Auto Android or Apple CarPlay is available for those who prefer to stay connected
  • 4G LTE Wifi built-in technology
  • For even more room to transport your vital cargo, drivers can choose to fold the second and third row seats flat for ultimate stow (Smart Slide abilities)
  • A sunroof and seating that fits up to eight occupants
  • The front seats are made for luxury; ensuring heating and good ventilation
  • The interior design exudes precision as leather trim is placed throughout the cabin
  • The manufactures made it a great importance to reduce noise inside the cabin, which allows drivers and passengers peace and quiet while en route. Outside noises are often disturbances, keep your mind on the road and on the conversations at hand
  • Keep in mind, the vehicle does require a device that is compatible in order to activate the Apple or Android features
  • The Chevy Traverse LATCH system puts safety first and allows drivers to install a child car seat with forward facing
  • To learn more about the plenty of capabilities Gregg Young Chevy Norwalk offers, click here


Of course, pricing that is economical and designs that are effective always outpaces our competitors and withstands the test of time.

Our purpose is to seat all drivers into a vehicle that satiates all types of desires, from space, style, comfortability, and efficiency, we always look out for our drivers, their passengers, and keep your best interests in mind.

At Gregg Young Chevy Norwalk, speak with one of our vehicle agents and receive top-priority service and the best in class selections with a 2019 Chevy Traverse. Contact us today at 866-608-3032 to learn more about the extra additions that are integrated from within.

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