Chevy Volt is Green Car Reports’ “Best Car to Buy in 2016”

January 6th, 2016 by

Norwalk Chevy 2_GreenCarReports2016

This year, Green Car Reports picked the all-new Chevy Volt for its “Best Car to Buy” report, citing improvements “in pretty much every dimension” over the previous model year. The second-generation Volt “stays true to the original”, but also addresses some of the previous model’s shortcomings. The five-door hatchback is better-looking, with crisper lines than its predecessor. The dash and console are streamlined, with clean finishes in the cabin. Gone are the sensitive touch switches, as Chevy opted to reintroduce more conventional controls. This allows for a more intuitive driving experience. And perhaps the best change we see in the new model year is the improvement in range, which has gone from 38 to 53 miles. Stop in for a test drive today at Gregg Young Chevrolet in Norwalk, and see for yourself why Green Car Reports named the 2016 Volt the “Best Car to Buy” this year.




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